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FreemanGroup Delivers Promises Training Program to TCHTA Members
PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands – November 26, 2007 – The Turks & Caicos Hotel Association (TCHTA) is currently hosting a series of workshops administered by FreemanGroup, a consultancy company that offers a fully-integrated and comprehensive approach to establishing, implementing and maintaining high-quality international service standards.  The Turks & Caicos Promises™ Service Training Program provides customer service behavioral training for both frontline employees and middle managers so that they are able to develop skills to consistently deliver high quality service.  The program goes beyond presenting just theoretical terms and is customized for functional groups such as airport employees, security service employees (customs, immigration, airport security), transportation services, hospitality employees, retail employees and others.

“This programme is part of our on-going efforts to train our hotel and allied members’ personnel in delivering a high level of service, which our guests expect from our high-end branding in the marketplace,” said Caesar Campbell, CEO of the TCHTA.

The workshops, being conducted over the next two weeks, are geared to grooming participants into ‘service ambassadors’  by delivering customer service skill training that incorporates knowledge of the destination and the marketing messages shaping visitor expectations.

“What we like about the FreemanGroup Promises program is that it focuses on the people most directly involved in guest contact and services — the line employees and it ties in directly with the marketing campaigns and goals of the destination,” said Butch Clare, president of the TCHTA.

The Promises program starts with ensuring all participants have an understanding of the most recent marketing campaign, (the promises being made as a destination) and how thes relate to quality service delivery and standards of performance.   In addition, the effectiveness of on-the-job application of skill is measured through anonymous quality inspections (mystery shopping) and the sustainability of performance is provided through train-the-trainer programs for managers and utilization of locally certified resources.  The program also provides an in-depth knowledge of visitor expectations and the skills to best handle each interaction in order to exceed those expectations. It is based on a proactive approach to providing consistently high standards of personal and attentive service to visitors, by understanding what is promised (marketing campaign), whom we make the promises to (visitor profile), and how we deliver those promises (standards of performance).  This program is designed to ensure that everyone in the destination delivers the promises made through marketing.


Promise Participants

First participants in the TCHTA-sponsored Promises Customer Training Program


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