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TCHTA Visit to Bahamas Provokes Exchange of Information, Best Practices and Potential Development of Strategic Partnership

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands - June 20, 2007 - The Turks & Caicos Hotel Association (TCHTA) visited the Bahamas earlier this month for a series of meetings with the Bahamas Hotel Association (BHA) to share best practices and discuss key legislative and marketing issues affecting the hospitality industry in the region. A number of mutual challenges and synergies for the two destinations were identified and discussed and a more formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the organizations is now being considered.

Representing the TCHTA were Mr. Caesar Campbell, CEO of the TCHTA; Mr. Butch Clare, President of the TCHTA and Resident Manager of the Royal West Indies and Mr. Eugene Burns, a director of the TCHTA and General Manager of Comfort Suites. From the Bahamas, representatives of the BHA as well as the Ministry of Tourism participated in the meetings.

Members of the TCHTA meet with members of the Bahamas Hotel Assocation and Ministry of Tourism to explore the possibility of establishing a strategic partnership to strengthen the working relationship between the two organizations and provide mutual benefits to each destination.

"In addition to sharing a similar history, The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos face comparable issues and opportunities as tourist destinations," said Mr. Butch Clare, president of the TCHTA. "Tourism is the most important economic activity in our region. The purpose of this trip was to essentially share our experiences and exchange ideas with a view of forming a more formal relationship. By establishing a strategic partnership between the TCHTA and the BHA, we can collaborate on best practices and help ensure tourism as a sustainable industry."

The series of meetings was held over three days and included discussions on how legislative issues are affecting the region and the destinations; what types of marketing initiatives are most effective and success stories highlighting some of the best practices in the hospitality industry. Just this week, the Ministry of Tourism of Bahamas announced it is proposing to spend an estimated $26.6 million on marketing and promotions of the islands of the Bahamas and a further estimated $4.1 million on airlift development.

The TCHTA is a member of the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA), an organization that brings together members of the Caribbean hospitality industry to address a broad range of issues that are common to them. Over the past four decades, CHA has metamorphosed from a straight trade association to a developmental agency for the region's tourism private sector. The members of CHA represent the entire spectrum of the hospitality industry's private sector. It is anticipated that an MOU between the TCHTA and the BHA would result in similar mutual benefits for the respective organizations. The Turks and Caicos can learn from the experiences of a mature destination and the Bahamas can gain from working closely with a newly-established and rapidly-growing tourism offering


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